> Vanishing Downtown

295 Bowery - Former Site of McGurk's Suicide Hall
Corner of Spring & Elizabth Streets.
More Art
Grand Street
Random Public Art in Soho
The "After Hours" Loft
"It's not the 'Samo' Anymore"
"This Ain't No Disco..."
Former Spot of "The Liquor Store"
The Former Site of El Teddy's
Wetlands Unpreserved.
Collister Steet
"Real World" graffitti
the Ear Inn
St. Luke's Place
Former Site of Joe's Pizza
Minetta Street
Second Coming Records
Self in the Park
Lot between Broadway & Mercer Streets
Mercer Street
Howard Street between Mercer and Broadway
Wooster Street
Parking Lot on Grand, between Wooster and West Broadway
West Broadway & Canal
Rocks In Your Head
"I Am the Best Artist"
Ceiling of Gray's Papaya, 8th Street & Sixth Avenue
The Shampoo Tower, Astor Place
Dead Body Lot on E.13th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues
Pig on E.12th Street
The Gem Spa
the Holiday Bar
Formerly the St.Mark's Bar & Grill
Physical Graffitti Tenement
Yaffa Cafe
Joe Strummer R.I.P.
Essex Street Doorwary Featuring art by Marco
Former site of Barramundi
Paul's Boutique
"Yuppie Shitheads!"
Ludlow Kong
Sammy's Roumanian Steak House
190 Bowery
Graveyard of Old St.Patrick's
Jersey Street, looking East
DKNY sign, Houston Street
Corner of West 3rd & Mercer Streets
The Hanging Tree, Washington Square Park