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Former site of the Lone Star Cafe

Former site of the Lone Star Cafe

E.13th Street & Fifth Avenue.

On the corner of East 13th Street & Fifth Avnue, this space used to house the Lone Star Cafe (see pic below), an ersatz honkytonk live music venue most famous for having a giant replica of an iguana on its roof for thirteen years (see below too). That iguana, incidently, later turned up at Pier 25 on the Hudson River (across from N.Moore Street in TriBeCa). The Lone Star closed its doors, morphed through a change or two before becoming a bar in the early 90's called Mr.Fuji's Tropicana. I used to go there a lot being that a friend of mine briefly dated a bartender there (who lived in a windowless basement apartment on Mulberry Street). But, Mr.Fuji's eventually closed too, and now the space is occupied by a Korean deli who have no idea how to properly scramble eggs.

The iguana has also since vanished from Pier 25.