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October 16, 2022



OM f'n G... is that a CUTCO knife? Sure looks like it. I (briefly) took a job as a door to door knife salesman for the CUTCO company about 35 years ago. I didn't have the heart it took to go door to door, much less convince people to let a stranger with a bunch of knives into their homes. I tried the "can I practice my sales pitch" on a friends mother, who laughed at me. I promptly gave up. And I gave the sample set to my parents, which includes that spatula/spork thing, and THEY STILL USE THEM to this day.

I'm looking at that photo above, and 2 things from the sales pitch come to mind (how do I remember this!?!):

*The handle is made of the same thing bowling balls are made of--can't be broken or melted.

*The metal of the blade goes all the way thru the handle, as opposed to ones where it only goes about half way. They call that "full tang". HOW DO I REMEMBER THIS?

Surreal. Thank you.


"Full Tang".....isn't that an Iggy tune?

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