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September 06, 2022



Nice piece. I hung out in bars & clubs in NY comfortably starting at age 13. Few of my pals were drinkers, so it was really social or if we couldn't get tix for wrestling at MSG (nursing a beer at the Blarney Stone and watching it on cable over the the bar with thee gentlemen of leisure there). In fact, when i got a job at Limelight I wuz 18 and NY State just raised the drinking age to 19, and next year when I wuz 19 it became 21! It was strictly "don't ask, don't tell". I also distinctly remember the Spy magazine blurb on the jukebox at Dorrian's published immediately after the murder - "Girlfriend In A Coma" was on it...


I remember realizing NYC was changing when I got carded to get into a bar on Avenue A in '94 or '95. I was so confused- I never got carded in the EV even when I was underage and definitely looked it.

I went to Dorrian's in the 2000s with some friends and it was funny observing the UES prep culture that was still there in some form. There were even a few older guys in blue blazers, khaki pants and gray hair still doing their thing.

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