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August 11, 2022


Douglas P

Wilko is everything.


I like how the guitarists' stage performance consists of walking a few feet forwards in unison only to reverse hastily as if their guitar leads are very short bungee cords.

Incidentally, I just looked up the town of Pithiviers and discovered that it's twinned with Ashby-de-la-Zouch, my mother's birthplace.


Amazing band that was far from being "obscure" in the UK and Europe...a great influence for the soon emerging punk scene. The Stranglers owe them a lot as many other british bands who saw them on stage with their very explosive and peculiar energy. There were supposed to be "pub rock" but it was so much more. Wilko was just amazing, a true guitar hero, moving around with psycho killer moves on stage and a way to play that is just exceptional (he explains it - Mick Green's influence- in a few different clips on the internet). Saw them live in Paris when I was a kid and I never forgot Wilko after that. Dr Feelgood was really something amazing, underestimated or sadly forgotten today...thanks for talking about them !


More about Dr Feelgood:


Very sad to hear this news. Visiting NY later this year from the UK and had planned to pay my respects to a musical hero of mine.

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