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August 26, 2022



Wow--that's crazy! 30 years ago. Pretty sure I was there, at least for the beginning of that show. I think it was either CMJ or New Music Seminar, if I'm remembering it correctly, and I was probably there to see someone else on the bill, though I can't for the life of me remember who it might have been.


ya know, I bet it was Guitar Wolf.


We all know that CSC was the superior band, but had the discussion escalated to fisticuffs between you and Joanne who would have won?

Alex in NYC

One didn't mess around with Joanne, in that respect. I didn't give her the nickname "Dark Phoenix" by accident. She'd have kicked my sorry ass nine ways `till Sunday.


I saw Jesus Lizard in '92 and they were smoking hot, a great band in their prime. For me they were one of those bands who live shows almost made their records an afterthought.

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