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June 07, 2022





Allow me, a late 80s - early 90s hardcore/NYHC kid, to go on record as saying I hated, hate & always will hate The Sex Pistols who were everything I stood against.

Also no hardcore no Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machone or any genre of indie rock and I'm tired of hardcore being the redheaded stepchild of rock music.

Enough of punk and IDGAF if hardcore was borne from it.

Alex in NYC

Right, well, fair enough, but no punk —> no hardcore. But that’s a rabbit hole that extends further, ala no rock n’ roll —> no punk, etc. etc. I don’t honestly believe anyone in 2022 is negating the impact and influence of hardcore. That all said, I think there’s equally a world of differences between 80’s hardcore and 90’s hardcore. I mean, I don’t honestly hear that much affinity between, say, bands like MDC, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and Dead Kennedys with 90s bands like District 9 and Rorschach. I mean, some very basic commonalities like instrumentation, but ultimately quite different.


90s hardcore, to me, was a natural evolution/progression of 80s hardcore. Actually I saw it as just the mid-late 80s kids doing sonething new & different like the early 80s band people were doing something new & different in 84-85 including within hardcore like Cro-Mags.

Ian MacKaye went from Minor Threat to Embrace to Fugazi, John Brannon from Negative Approach to Laughing Hyenas, Henry Rollins from Black Flag to Rollins Band.

Not directing this at you but it was cool that they slowed down & got heavy but not future generations of hardcore band kids? What a double standard (not by you.)

90s hardcore is a near endless treasure trove of the great, good, bad & ugly.


Btw Rorschach was heavily influenced by early Die Kruezen.

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