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March 12, 2022


Spiney Norman

"...depressing NYC apartment windows"!

Credit Jordan

He’s the classic clickbaiter. Now he’s on a family trip in Japan with titles referencing that he’s moved to Japan. More than 50% of the comments are people repeatedly asking if he’s really moved there. Or if he’s going to start doing apartment tours in Japan with Japanese realtors, because you know, Cash not speaking Japanese at all, the overwhelming majority of Japanese realtors not speaking English, and the simple fact that no Japanese realtor is going to waste their business hours touring him to apartments he’s not even interested in renting when they could be doing the same for those individuals not in the country on a tourist visa and who can actually rent a place. Wtf?!


It’s obvious that sometimes the titles of the videos are quite misleading but it usually ties into something else is going on. Very rarely are they meant to be taken literally. I definitely understand the issues with his lack of attention to the history of the neighborhoods but these videos are short and the guy is essentially a real estate broker so it’s easy to understand why he focuses on the immediate for someone who is going to live there in the present. There’s a possibility that the videos may be taken much more seriously than they are supposed to be.
Above all he’s entertaining to watch. He makes it clear that he doesn’t make as much money as he would need to to rent some of these apartments he shows which may come off like he’s dissing New York but in reality it’s more like coveting what he cannot afford. He does try to spotlight some of the businesses in the area before he actually tours the apartment which I’m sure is very appreciated by the local business owners.

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