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January 30, 2022



Not that this isn’t a real issue, but it feels to me like just one of this week’s (and last week’s, I suppose) hot button things that makes the rage we’re all Pavlov-ed into constantly flare up and gets people arguing like crazy.

I’m with you, entirely unsurprised Spotify reacted as it did.

Young, Mitchell, et al doubtless looked at the numbers before acting, too, and concluded they could afford to take the loss for the principle, and I think that’s great.

We should all remember that despite the current marketing trend of corporations pretending to some sort of ethics, or morality, that many of the ones who stopped giving to GOPs in the wake of J6 are now writing checks again, and that these companies of course only feign values, as the massively inflated narcissistic entities they are. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use any clout we can muster to pressure them not to support evil, but they will always default to their utterly amoral, transactional ways.

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