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January 30, 2022



"...a solid evening of quality hearing loss"....
'and broken bones' I might add.
Would also look great on a t-shirt, poster
or album cover ;>)

ritchie vanian

i have that pig blood stained Cop Shoot Cop 45


October 6 was not a Thursday in 1992 or 1993, but it was in 1994... I saw Motherhead Bug and ¢$¢ on the same bill at CBs once, I wonder if it was that show. I have no recollection or record of seeing Barkmarket or Soul Coughing, but that's not surprising.


Hey Alex! Just found this write-up. We have something in common which is why I can answer the John Nowlin question. I help admin the "official" Barkmarket Facebook group, which John started and actively participates in. Rock Savage swings by sometimes too. I know all about scouring the internet for ephemera! That's how I just found your blog, actually. I'm pulling together all the dates I can find from their July 1993 tour together. Stop by sometime! I'm sure your story about running into Rock would be appreciated:

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