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September 20, 2021


Nicholas T Ganz

Tom's Pizza on Columbus Avenue (85th?) from my youth. Long gone but the pizza...and calzones...

Chung Wong

Music/entertainment/arts immigrants define the core of NYC. Be you Debbie Harry from Jersey, Lou Reed from Long Island or David Bowie from England. The definition of Native New Yorker has evolved over time. Back in 1855, you could not be a Native New Yorker if Irish Catholic or German Lutheran even if born in NYC. That's because Native New Yorker only meant Anglo Protestant. Today purists define it as born in NYC, and never left except for school. Others say born in NYC and lived formative years in NYC. More liberal folks say just formative years whether born in the City or not is good enough, i.e. being a true New Yorker. But a tougher question for me is to ask if Debbie Harry is more a Jersey Girl or more a New Yorker. She grew up in Jersey and worked there as an adult. Comparable to Bowie growing up in England. Just not as famous at the roots. For pizza, I've always felt the best New York Pizza is not in Manhattan. I was impressed by New Park Pizza in Howard Beach and a few other spots in Brooklyn. In Greenwich Village, I went to Joe's Pizza and Bleecker Street Pizza regularly.

Alex in NYC

I hate to express as much, but I don't even know if being a "true New Yorker" even means as much as it used to, being that contemporary New York City retains on fragments of its former character (to my mind, at least). In terms of pizza, you're invariably correct that the really good stuff is ultimately to be found out of Manhattan. But, y'know, Manhattan is where I live, so that's what I concentrate on.

Alex in NYC

I can vouch for Smiling Pizza in Park Slope and Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg, but I'm sure Brooklyn has roundly superior pizzerias elsewhere.

James Taylor

I spent many years living in Italy before I moved to New York. Needless to say, the pizza in one place bares scant resemblance to the pizza in the other (some blame the water, the one thing they can't import). So aside from the occasional late night moment of desperation I've always struggled to get on board with the city's slice culture. Believe it or not, the best pizza I have enjoyed in this country was at Pizza Rita, a Neapolitan-run joint located in a strip mall near Mattituck on the North Fork.

Pizza Rat

John's Pizzeria on Bleecker for pies, Rivoli 2 on 7th Avenue & Ben's on MacDougal for slices, Manhattan-wise.

All of NYC wise Johnny's Pizzeria in Sunset Park for pies & slices.

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