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July 29, 2021



No worries about being a hypocrite. In my neck of the woods, you generally do what you can get away with until somebody complains. When they do, act as you acted when confronted. Always observe your local times for noise ordinances, though. They are there for a reason. Only a true jackass doesn't do that. Turn it down at 9:00, jerks. Without rules, there is anarchy. You don't want to hear what I can do with my stereo when you're trying to sleep.


I feel your pain, Alex. In the East Village I once had a neighbor who would practice his electric bass guitar in the wee hours, and then stare blankly after finding me standing at his door in my pyjamas. When he moved out our new neighbor introduced herself by asking me to turn down my music (I think it was "Speak No Evil" by Wayne Shorter). She then proceeded to spend the next decade keeping us awake with her, uh, "bedroom noises." We left her a carefully worded note but it didn't change a thing. When we vacated our apartment to move permanently to the North Fork I expected more peace, but it turns out I slept more soundly in Manhattan because Greenport is the noisiest small town in America. If it's not the a leafblower's incessant din it's the ice cream truck jingle, or the fake church bells, or the fire brigade, or the birds, or retirees fretting about real estate, or total strangers wandering onto our property because they were "just curious." Thankfully any partying is kept to a minimum. Bottom line: people are oblivious assholes and you have every right to complain until they get the message. Failing that, next time just turn on the hose...

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