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July 28, 2021



Whatever happened to Maddog & Studio 59?

Alex in NYC

Ha! "Mad Dog's House of Young Lust." Well, I cannot speak for Studio 59, but I know exactly how Mad Dog is. He's a longtime friend of mine, and would be very pleased to know he's been remembered.


8/24/21 George is still around in NYC as of a few months ago. Over many years I have run into George at The Veterans' Hospital. It is not possible to engage him in a conversation. He does not look well and seems pretty unstable. That last time I saw him a few months back he did at least respond to my saying "Hey, George", but then looked away with pronounced disinterest.
The first time I met him he was actually a very good looking and well built guy with a peculiar way with women, and not unlikeable. Over the decades of his appearances in local news stories he had become increasingly weirder and unlikeable. Now, as I encounter him at the hospital, he seems pretty far gone.
I have always felt that he made for some enjoyable viewing on those old access shows in a period of a considerable sexual revolution.


I'm a friend is there a number to reach him

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