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June 21, 2021


Chung Wong

WS still has no marker honoring 20,000 buried below. It was a cemetery 1799-1825. The land was originally owned by Black farmers until 1825 when it was paved over to become a military parade ground honoring George Washington. Then 1830s homes built north of the square saw British elites move in - the start of "Greenwich" Village honoring the British. It was originally in the Land of the Blacks, granted to Free Dutch Slaves in 1643.Their land was stripped away by the British in 1716. British slaves had rebelled seeing how much better Dutch slaves got treated with land. The Brits wanted to level the playing field by ridding all land ownership by Blacks. Greenwich Village was still Little Africa until 1900s. I also think as one ages, fear grows along with family orientation. What appeared harmless in our youth, appears more dangerous in mid-life as a parent. Our sense of invincibility diminishes - and responsibility augments. I personally think it is still safer today than 1970s-80s when street smarts were a must but i see that time being more cooler and grittier, outputting greater culture.

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