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June 23, 2021


ritchie vanian

a great performance- but for me- The Replacements doing Bastards Of Young and Kiss Me On The Bus was the best ever


Agreed, agreed, AGREED!

The musical guests on SNL back in the day were clearly on another extension of the weirdness of the show and the culture of its target audience. This type of unique TV experience has been sadly lacking for a long, long time and will probably, sadly never return. Fringe rock and roll bands and musical artists on a major network late-night show? Not going to happen ever again. There was a fair share of Top 40 artists that performed on SNL back then but it seemed like there was always more than sufficient room for off the grid music as well. The Specials appearance are one great example. How about when Captian Beefheart did 'Hot Head' and 'Ashtray Heart' on the show in 1980? Devo, John Prine, Tom Waits, Zappa, Gil Scott-Heron not to mention The Stones who were at their absolute peak of rock and roll grit when they were on the show in 1978 after the release of 'Some Girls'. The list goes on. Since I'm an old guy now I remember seeing alot of these performances when they aired. Back then in those pre-cable days when their weren't many choices on TV (a good thing!)it seemed like an eternity before the show went on at 11:30. I found myself either tolerating the late hours of prime time shows followed by the news or just suffering through a few hours of non-TV boredom. But it was totally worth it!

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