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May 10, 2021



Same here...same exact thing here. I remember hearing about U2 probably in my sophomore year of high school (81-82) but I don't think I had actually heard their music until I saw the movie 'The Last American Virgin' at, as I recall, a midnight movie at the local multiplex. 'I Will Follow' was included in the soundtrack and to my ears it had to be one of the absolute weirdest songs I had ever heard. There was plenty of 'new wave' music on the radio at the time, and I had already heard things like The Flying Lizards, The Buggles and Ian Dury & the Block heads to name a few, but there was something about 'I Will Follow' that just demanded you listen with a different part of your brain. It was this minimal, atonal sound inside of some kind of giant bright light. Long story short I instantly became a disciple of of the band. Aside from producing great music, they had this very appealing pacifist agenda that was channeled through some higher power energy. I saw them on the War tour in the summer of '83 in a (probably) 2000 seat hall. This was right around the time of the 'Under a Blood Red Sky' Red Rocks show. It was the first time I'd seen a guy from a rock band go into the audience and then carried back to the stage crowd surf style. About a year and half later they were already getting to be a much bigger band. I saw them that year (1985) at a much larger 18,000 seat arena when they were touring behind the 'Unforgettable Fire' album. For the next year I remained a loyal fan until I moved to NYC around the time the Joshua Tree came out. Without even thinking about it I just stepped off and also left the U2 army. It just wasn't for me anymore. But yeah those early albums, particularly 'October' still remain inspirational.

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