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April 10, 2021



I was lucky enough to catch EC&The Imposters 3 times during their initial tour of North America. Shortest set: 27 minutes; longest set:35.
Four songs straight to begin, with not a breath in-between; then a "Hallo Torunta"....Six to eight more songs straight....and they had something more important to do, elsewhere.
Encore? Don't make them laugh. You got the hype show you came to see. We're done fuckers.

That ^ was a preamble so that you would not think
that I was being a smart-ass for saying:
"I prefer my Elvis & The Imposters LIVE!"

It's the only group that ALL I can think about them is
how much better their recorded material sounds on a hot sweaty drunken stage. This vid is from Elvis' hosting gig on Letterman in 2003, with a re-united Imposters. Certainly the stage temp was set at DaveZero, and not too many drunks around; but it gets sweaty.
Turn it UP, and dance around like we still got a chance ;>)

DrBOP's should be The Attractions in the first part of my comment.....and now I stumble upon their !978 Capitol Theatre show in its entirety.....50 minutes;>/

r malce

I will also support the uncontroversial and incontestable opinion that EC&whomever live was very much better than the records, especially at this early point in his career. I can recall seeing him at the Forest Hills Stadium (great venue) in '82(?) w/Talk Talk opening & 3 encores. Also, I will also brag on seeing them at Pier 84 a year later, perfect weather w/Aztec Camera (nowhere nearly as fun as Talk Talk). Outdoor venue EC is thee best!
- RM

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