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April 01, 2021


ricardo vaniamo

aaaah, RIP Pyramid- Fond memories from the mid 80's there- and finding a full vial of coke on the floor at a Shockabilly show!


The people who ran this place were total idiots who should've made it into the next CBGB. I mean Nirvana played their first NYC show here for chrissakes.

No care by Quirino the clueless herb who cared more selling drinks to wannabe Limelight/Batcave schmucks than cultivating a true melting pot. Jackass.

Someone should buy this building then reopen CBGB in it (buy the name.)

r malce

I saw three of my favorite concerts there - Psychic TV just as they turned all acid house, the place was filled completely with pink scented smoke and the encore was a warped 10 minute "Are You Experienced" - Jayne County and my chum Bosco and I were the only ones to take Ms. County up on their offer to buy merch in the dressing room - and GWAR (in that tiny space! in the summer!), and when everyone spilled onto the sidewalk covered in fake blood passers-by were freaking out. Great spot, RIP.
- rm

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