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April 08, 2021


Handsome Dick Manitoba

Hello it’s Handsome Dick Manitoba do you know Richie Blum it’s a good article it’s just that it’s not a fair article because you talk to certain people and I’m a defiant divisive figure you talk to other people and other people in the band and around the band and in my circle are divisive figures it’s he said he said he said she said it’s all of that I mean that’s what fair writing would be about correct thank you

Alex in NYC

I spoke to no one with regards to this post.. There is no interview with any members of the band. There are no quotes. It's only my interpretation of proceedings. I assume you're taking exception to the descriptor "divisive," but it's not meant as a put-down or an insult. It's common knowledge, at this point, that the original members of the Dictators (including yourself) don't all see eye-to-eye. There is division in their ranks.

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