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March 22, 2021



I clearly remember running into him in 1981 after a show at the Capitol Theater in Passaic and being very surprised. Not because I was a fan of his, but because it was a moderately cool show (and I guess in my narrow view at the time 'not something he would be into') and also a pretty downtrodden venue by then. It was either XTC or Boomtown Rats, as they were the only acts I saw there other than the Clash the year before and I'm pretty sure it wasn't that show, though it's remotely possible it was. I'd like to ask him someday, especially now after reading that article.

the G

Crazy--the only time I ever went to the Capitol Theater was to see the Boomtown Rats! Maybe same show as you, John... Probably '81... Mondo Bongo tour & Jim Carroll Band opened up!


Hi G,
Yes, that was the one. I had a Mondo Bongo shirt from it for a long time after. They had a pretty good live show back then, still doing a lot of punkier material from the 1st two lps as well as inviting audience members up on stage to take pictures at one point. People who only know 'I Don't Like Mondays' would have probably been surprised by it.

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