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February 14, 2021



Funny that the tale ends up at Springsteen because I could never undersatand him having GOPee fans.
My guess is it's alot of the fans that came on board the Bruce Bus with the "Born In The USA" super-stardom....without reading the entire lyrics. All about ignorantly screamin' out the slogan.....
JUST like The Fired One's cultish love of "Lock her up", "Hang Pence", etc.
But I must confess, I am not above the fray


It's very curious you omit the first and the best "Good and gone"...!!

Alex in NYC

Never had -- nor could ever find -- that one.


There is a box set available called ' Vision in Blues' which contains all of their recorded output on CDs with alternate versions of several tracks plus a 7" single of the previously unreleased track 'Vision in Blues'.

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