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January 19, 2021


the G

great post.


Great stories. We all have those tales from a time when non-mainstream music was looked upon as lower than sewage.

In the 80s one of my cousins was listening to "Let it Be"- The Replacements.

My Uncle came in and said "I'd like to replace that with some music" and turned it down.


I can recall two such incidents involving my father. When I was growing up, he had a painfully limited music collection that he never felt the least desire to expand on. Invariably, family car trips meant the same Billy Joel, Bob Seger, and Eagles songs on repeat.

At High School age I was able to lobby for brief spells where a cassette of mine would be "tolerated." I would carefully craft mixes of songs that I considered "mellow" for this purpose. At best my selections would illicit no response from my father, but if he found something distasteful he would declare "this is not music" as he violently hit the fast forward button for random lengths of time or hit the eject. One of the only times I remember him being too shocked by what he heard to press anything was about a minute into World of Skin's "A Parasite & Other Memories" wherein he exasperatingly demanded of me "what the hell is this??"

A similar tone was used about a year later when he poked his head into my bedroom to inform me that Yo La Tengo's "Mushroom Cloud of Hiss" was the single worst song he had ever heard me play.

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