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January 28, 2021



This recommendation is perhaps that first one that I disagree with. So cliche. Better than what's on the commercial radio? Perhaps. Do people still listen to the radio? There is so much great music out there, surprised you singled out this band.

Alex in NYC

I suppose I should put this in the context of my personal worldview. I happen to work at a performing rights organization, and thus hear a huge amount of what I'd consider irretrievably rote, banal pop music. While this assuredly does not even begin to push any envelopes, it -- at the very least -- is a breath of fresh air outside of the suffocating stagnancy of yawnsome R&B/ersatz-hip-hop/auto-tuned drivel that is very much the order of the day. Is it original? Not at all. Is it rife with cliche? Almost proudly. But it's loud. It's aggressive. It's got a palpable groove. I'd rather the kids dig this stuff than the bullshit that currently rules Spotify and the like.


I was gonna say something about Lefty being a bit cranky because he didn't win the lottery, but be that as it may

She can cliche over me any time she likes ;>)

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