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January 05, 2021



I clearly remember Big Paul sitting me down and methodically turning me on to SAHB back in the 1980s -- it kickstarted a love [between me and SAHB, not me and Paul] that hasn’t faded.

I filled in the gaps on my SAHB shelf a few years ago, when the hernia-inducing 14-disc boxed set was released. It collects literally everything recorded, and would send you to prison for life if you were to drop it out of a third floor window directly above somebody’s head. The only release worth swerving to avoid is Alex's 1977 spoken word album about the Loch Ness monster, but that’s just my opinion.

Let me know if I can add any of it to your digital file collection -- happy to help.

Steve Holtje

People wearing mime face paint really ought not ruin the effect by singing!
Also, H.
Great article, thanks for putting in the work for lazy slobs like me.


One of my favorite live bands, the only thing I would add is how much pure put-on humor they performed with. A 15-minute version of "Framed" at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland in '74 had Alex and band pullin' schtick from Monty Python to Chaplin. Soo nice to "hav'a'larf" while rockin' your life away.
This surprisingly-understated (!) 10-minute live version from '74 in Norway offers a taste:

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