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January 29, 2021



He was a wonderful man and a very proud Alum of SMU
He was what made St. Davids a great school!
He will be missed!

James Crossman

A great man. He helped me many times from being frustrated to excited about art. I always think about him when I see amazing art, smell fresh art supplies like paint or ceramics, or that tobacco he smoked in that crazy pipe.


He was a great man. I loved the annual "game week" with all the homemade cardboard games. Also, I cherish the memory of him helping me in 1st grade when I became super frustrated with a drawing. Him and Ms Minor were a fantastic team - miss both of them.
Phil - graduated '86

Billy Kaynor

That’s a lovely sentiment dude; u can add, ‘write the shit’ next to ‘draw the shit’ out of anything. I still have a sketch of a cat 🐈 that I drew in fourth grade. U can totally tell that mister p drew ninety plus percent of it but was kind enough to let me sign my name to it.

Alex in NYC

Thanks, man.... very nice of you to say so. Hope you're hanging in there. Cheers - A.

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