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November 04, 2020


X factor

Did you honestly think Biden would win in a landslide?

We have Trump because just enough dipshits in PA, MI & WI who voted him in. It remains to be seen if all three will just undo their fuckup (awaiting word on PA.)

Year's ago Glenn Beck (of all people) said Trump is an empty vessel i.e. what people imagine / want to see & Glenn is right.

I mean let's think about it:

What does Trump stand for? What has he accomplished? I'm talking things he wants to get done presumably to make good on the slogan he stole from Ronald Reagan.

Nothing but the naked craven lust for power & preventing empowerment Senate Republicans have every day. The better your life's conditions are the less power they have over you. They don't want you to cut out acidic foods, they want you to eat them then take Prilosec OTC to get rid of the heartburn then eat them again.

We live in a country which has for decades been controlled by people who want power over you so you can't break free.

I'll give you an example: I have told people buy a cheap house paid in full in a less sought after city so you have no rent or mortgage thus can build wealth from having neither. What do I get? Oh but you have to live in ________ not NYC. They're brainwashed into thinking you have to live in NYC to be successful because powerful forces have conditioned them to think like that. NYC or bust.

Trump is a blunt out in the open vulgar vehicle for this mentality.


Riddle me this, Batman. ;>)

Approx Numbers ; 2016
Total pop 328 million
Voting-age eligible 225 "
Registered voters 158 "
Those who voted 138 "

So 87 million don't vote....not only a higher number than either party received, but the percentages have remained relatively stable for the last 60 years.
Who ARE these people?
WHAT do they want to see in a party/candidate in order for them to vote?
Or are they all so disenchanted with "The System" and its seemingly inherent levels of corruption they just say "FUCK IT"?
AND....who sang "NO FUTURE!"? ;>)))

X factor

Riddle me this Robin:

What makes them so special that they don't vote when over 130M people voted in 2016, 160M this year?

How 'bout we fine them for not doing their basic civil duty & the one thing they can do to affect constructive action? Mooching off everyone who participates in democracy?

They & perhaps you don't vote they/you don't say JACK SHIT about what's wrong in this country as you didn't care enough to affect constructive action. You have NO RIGHT to complain with merit because you chose to do nothing.

You want to change the system which we will & should always have you have to vote period, end of story, case closed. That's how shit gets & always got/will get done. You mean nothing cuz YOU CHOOSE to mean nothing. Why should you vote? Because you should want to make things better. Don't want to? Then you pay.

You're not truly fighting if You're not voting & you should do more than vote, too. Voting is just one thing to do but like it or not it is the only thing which will truly affect change for the better.

X factor

Oh by the way if you didn't vote you support the status quo which is Trump so you STFU about the system.

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