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November 07, 2020



Enjoy the sound of the rats scurrying, but he ain't goin' NOwhere fast!
He will be a ROYAL PAIN until the day he's gone. And the Dem-tards better be right on his ass because he and his cronies will wreck EVERYthing they can before they slink away.
BEWARE the Ides Of Christmas!
(Word on the street is Melania's Xmas theme
will be Gahan Wilson-inspired ;>)

FDR Rules

Demtards? You're an idiot.

Get over that your boy Bernie Sanders who owns three houses, got a 800K book deal & has made more money since he first ran for President than he ever made before that got his ass handed to him by Joe Biden.

I am SICK of the far left joining the far right in badmouthing Democrats. You are both extremists.

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