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November 01, 2020



The piss-ant puzzle here is solved by following the money:
Estimated net worth $15 Mill
Estimated residual/royalty income per year $500 G's
Owns homes in Venice Cali and UK

Whose tax scheme hurts lil'Johnny's pocketbook the most?
And there's been quite a few rich fucks, musical and otherwise, suckin' up the Clown-Cult Kool-Aid for their wallets' sake lately.
Not so puzzling, eh?


Back in the early aughts (which feels like a century ago at this point) I remember seeing Lydon in a reality TV show on...VH-1? where he was filmed in his Venice (California) home with his wife and kids, storming about and swearing at the camera crew and anyone else getting in his way. He was overweight and ragged looking, made worse by his dressing either in suits or in really bad beach tourist clothing, baggy shorts and XXL t-shirts with abstract prints in primary colors. I found myself glancing at the mirror (he and I were born in the same year, 1956) and thinking, 'Yeah, it happens to the best of us, but god, he didn't age well.' His on camera antics however made me wonder if he wasn't just making fun of the genre and us, the viewers, for watching a washed-out celebrity wander the SoCal beachscape like a lost dementia patient.

That said, I was not sympathetic to his pro-Trump rant. Even if it was satire, it's the kind of privileged snot-wiping that can only be practiced by someone distanced from the people not so lucky to escape Trump's and the GOP's SS-like cruelty. I'm not buying his latest Public Image Ltd. album---he obviously doesn't need the money---and I'm half tempted to throw my old Sex Pistol albums in the dumpster, which I think even my 20-year-old fangirl self would support.

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