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November 11, 2020



the reason why Bob wuz Bleecker Bob
wuz cuz he was originally partnered /w/ Broadway Al @ Village Oldies, jest like any vaudeville / Comedy team
( or Doo-Wop group, takes yr choice )
u had to have a nick-name to distinguish you fum other jest any other Schmo -
Bob himself came up /w/ his nick-name -
thx fer th' pix. . .
i furst got thrown-out of th' MacDougal shoppe
by Chris W in Sept of 1980 -
i prolly took my money to Bonaparte -
i then ended up werkin' @ bLob's in '88
and werk'd on-off til he had his stroke in 2000 -
can't say i liked the guy,
buTT i loved the place & the people -
DeSalvo, Andre, Craig, Warren Lee, eventually evn Chris W


ANy-body kno whut became of Russ??
he had the T-ShuRT concession in the back
thru the 80s -
shurts were printed down-stairs -
(RaT-iNfeSTed basement /w/ tons 'o' rekkids!)
Johnny Thunders wuz **NoT** happy
with th' DEad oR ALiVe ShuRT -
and as soon as he would come in. . .
sales staff in back were qwik
to remove iT fum display. . .
or risk his wrath!!

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