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November 11, 2020



AOC is deliberately picking fights with Democrats & Republicans who helped Biden win specifically The Lincoln Project so Dems lose both Senate races in Georgia so she & her grifter Dem party infiltrator pals can perpetuate the lie that this country is leftist & both sides are the same when bullshit & bullshit cuz Biden trounced Bernie then Trump after besting almost thirty Democratic challengers.

It is in her best interest for there to be division. She's a far left extremist & Republicans are far right extremists thus Biden is their mutual nightmare.

She needs a young moderate - perhaps a Latina - to primary her to at least scare her. A 60-40 AOC victory would send AOC a message that she is not an automatic victor.


Agreed, but Hunter's Dad doesn't become my President until January 2021.

The jaw-dropping hypocrisy of your flow chart and snarky title line are, however, completely expected.

Alex in NYC

Oh, boo hoo, Mr. EMAC. Is a supporter of the “Fuck Your Feelings” demographic offended by a little snark? Who’s the hypocrite here?

For a start, I don’t care if Hunter Biden has a lucrative sideline in barnyard pornography — this election was all about voting Donald out of the White House. It was closer than I would have preferred, but that mission was still handily accomplished.

The flow chart isn’t mine, but it seemed appropriate to evangelize, given the current state of proceedings. And the title is only semi-snarky, as it seems many folks on your side of the fence need all the help they can get in coming to grips with the fact that the election is over and an entirely legitimate winner has been determined ... and it ain't Donald.

If you’re looking to be genuinely offended, though, why not turn your scrutiny to your lame-duck, whose eggshell-fragile ego will not allow him to face the reality of the situation. For all his oh-so-tough talk, you’d think Donald would be able to handle the situation with a bit more maturity, and not act — yet again — like a petulant child.


Hunter's Dad? First off the name is Joe Biden you mutant. Second get over that Hunter didn't break the law, the smear campaign against him & Joe didn't work - no But Her Emails 2 here - & Joe beat the shit out of Dickstain Donald by over 5 million votes & counting & 74 electoral votes.

Your President is a one termer who lost the popular vote twice, stole one election with help from Vladimir Putin & Mark Zuckerberg, lost another fair & square cuz those two didn't help him out this time, got impeached & is facing charges for unpardonable state crimes which could put him in prison. He did absolutely NOTHING good for this country.

Go cry somewhere else.


Thanks for the spirited responses, they were fun to read.

I was especially honored to get a full blown rant response from Alex. Maybe my two sentence post hit a nerve.

Most enjoyable, however, was seeing someone "on the other side of the aisle" dismissed as a mutant...the party of tolerance shines once more!

Have a great evening everyone..

Alex in NYC

Please don't flatter yourself, sir. Just because you limit yourself to two factually questionable sentences does not mean that retorts to same should be characterized as rants. That you choose your facts selectively is unfortunate, myopic and depressing, but is in no way worthy of a proper "rant." Given everything that's gong on with Trump at the moment, aren't you a little embarrassed and ashamed? You should be.


You, a Trump supporter, are the last one to gripe about being called a name or tolerance when your master Trump & your side calls people names left & right & has been intolerant of anyone who isn't like them or things which could make this country even better for decades.

It's all good. You're a sore loser who can't deal with us being sore winners which I'd say you were 11/8/16-11/3/20 but that would imply that Trump won legitimately like Biden when he didn't - he needed help from Russia & Facebook.

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