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October 08, 2020


TRMS 4 Life

Ironically Rachel Maddow the woman who he helped launch the career of is from what I've read the nicest person at MSNBC. She doesn't think she's all that like Keith who thinks railing against Trump gives him a right to be a dick. And Rachel tears Trump a new one every night in her wonderfully surgical way 100x more effective than Keith and most hosts. Rachel gets how fortunate she is, how improbable her rise was considering the bigoted forces against her. You tend to be humble when you come from nothing and have odds stacked against you.

Keith is the typical neoliberal who decries Trump and his ilk but could really care less about the victims of them or the so-called "little people." A panhandler is a bum to Keith. I'll pass on his newest format which once again shows he is just too much of a pain in the ass to hire and work with and an even bigger PITA to fire from the legal wrangling and the public drama. He hates Trump and most people - he is a misanthrope.

He is aggrieved for zero reason. Contrast him with Lawrence O'Donnell who is laser- focused on hammering Trump yet has the self-awareness to know he's not a target at all, never was or will be. Lawrence has a sense of humor whereas Keith has none.

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