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October 13, 2020



What a lineup. No indication of what year but looks like 1991 was when July 21 was on a Sunday. I wonder what ever happened to Elmer Lang, he was a poet or performance artist or both.

New York Dumb Rock

So what was the promoters' problem with hardcore/NYHC? Not a single hc/NYHC band on this show. As if hc/NYHC bands wouldn't have played for this cause when they would've. Good job dismissing hundreds of people like me who'd have donated to this, too. All good we thought this scene was wack. Buncha ex-hardcore people too good to play with & to us among them.

What? Afraid Sick Of It All would've blown all of you off the stage? I know they alone would've outdrawn & outraised this entire show.

Yeah 1991 the year it was cool to say hardcore was dead when bullshit.

Ann Magnuson was the cigarette girl in Desperately Seeking Susan & the poor chick who had her neck broken in Clear & Present Danger - an unsung actress babe.

Alex in NYC

I was kinda struck by that, too, that there are zero hardcore bands on the bill (and it's not like there weren't any in 1991). I wish I knew more about this particular gig, but I just don't, sadly.

More about Anne Magnuson -- she was a Denison grad (where I went), she played the girl Bowie & Deneuve picks up (and murders) in "The Hunger," she was a regular and party organizer at Club 57, she played the protagonist in Redd Kross' video for "Annie's Gone," and she had a supporting role in some dumb 90's sit-com the name of which I can't remember. Oh, she was also one-half of BONGWATER with Kramer.

And, yeah, she's the cigarette girl in "Desperately Seeking Susan."


Based on the little I know and the names I’ve heard, It looks like these bands knew each other, orbited within the same lower east side circle. 982 was an east village phone number back when that was a thing. Maybe someone should call it and see who answers.


There's no "NYHC" bands on the bill, but Jesus Chrust and The Radicts were a big part of the Crust Punk "Squat Or Rot" scene at the time. It's a very East Village centric lineup and bands like SOIA or Agnostic Front weren't really involved with the situation around Tompkins Square Park like most of these bands were.

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