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October 28, 2020


Fuck Punk

So no fuck John Lydon from you? Cuz he was in some shitty overrated punk bands four decades ago? After he denied COVID 19 existed on national tv and really to the entire world. Nice selective outrage dude. LOL & SMH at you using dealbreaker.


He's a piece of shit I would punch in the face for what he said if I EVER saw his pale bloated ass on a NYC street.

Alex in NYC

Respectfully, I usually prefer to be a bit more nuanced in my summations. By asserting that this is a dealbreaker, I am in my own manner expressing the same thoughts you're suggesting. To each their own.

gregoire alessandrini

I was also very disappointed to hear this crap from Lydon. Especially arguing that he's always on the side of the working class. Lydon who used to be so clairvoyant, right on and saying a lot things that made lot of sense is now as ignorant as Trump's supporters. it also completely goes against the image you have of him after reading his great biography (Anger is an energy).
Well, the Pistols and punks used to wear shirts saying Fuck Pink Floyd ! Maybe it(s time to say Fuck Lydon !


I realized that Trump and Lydon have something in common- when they speak in interviews or publicly they warp reality to their own agenda using strawmen, lashing out at non existent enemies, and just answering a question with a unrelated skewering answer that accuses the interviewer of something. Lydon has done this since he's been "Rotten."


one word: oy.

the yiddish oy, not the punk one...

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