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October 23, 2020


Pre 2K

Um, maybe that whole scene really wasn't one like hardcore punk or hip-hop.

Those early 00s NY bands were crap compared to the pre-2000 NY bands. Let me know when LCD Soundsysten or Vampire Weekend put out a book about themselves as interesting as Beastie Boys Book.

2000 on Brooklyn-transplants including hipsters were the most mainstream society-embracing (no real rebels, outcasts etc.) so it is not surprising that that whole hipster scene is dead - I'm glad it is.

Their legacy was/is/always will be they were test dummies for the gentry who have supplanted them & x amount of hipsters who sold out to join that gentry.


I am a long time reader and comment-maker on this blog. If you watch the LSF video, you will see someone in an Italy jersey waving an Italian flag. Italy won the World Cup just hours before the show (it was held in Germany, so 6 hour time difference). That guy was EXTREMELY drunk. How do I know? That guy is me. Born in NYC to Italian immigrants, but moved to Italy when I was young. Moved back to NYC after high school.

Despite having lived in NYC off and on for over 30 years (5 years now in LA), I never lived in Manhattan. Even when it was "affordable", I was even more broke. I did my time in WB, near the then unfashionable Montrose stop. Not a bar in sight.

I was hanging out with my new girl last night, reminiscing over the music of the early aughts. Even the I did not care for the music, I miss the scene. Electroclash nights at Trash. There truly was a buzz around the city. No social networks (MySpace does not count), no smartphones, just shots and beers after shots and beers.


Best video clip I saw all summer was of a Black Women’s March walking through the streets of Williamsburg chanting “Black people used to live here” while all the wanna-be hipsters enjoying their outdoor brunches stared down at their tables.

Real Talk

Right cuz shaming people who I'd say are at least 85% anti-Trump is the way to go.

You want & need this 85% to join the fight.

Why alienate them & lump them in with the Trumpers?

Real talk:

I'm a middle-aged white man who voted for & donated to Obama twice & Hillary. I have done more for black people who didn't vote for Hillary or at all. Your non-voting dumbass can sit the fuck down.

Trump & Republicans don't give a flying fuck about your harmless, worthless protests cuz YOU DON'T FUCKING VOTE ENOUGH TO UNSEAT THE . They love seeing you rail against every white person, lump all white people in with them. It's all blah blah blah to them.

Vote Biden or STFU for the rest of your stupid whiny life if Trump wins.

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