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October 06, 2020



Agreed, agreed and agreed!! Excellent tribute.

I first heard of Van Halen in 1979 in the 8th grade when somebody mentioned the song 'Atomic Punk'. Just the title alone was motivation enough to investigate what this was all about. Long story short, I became a fan and remained a hardcore follower all through high school. Eddie was that rare breed. Arguably the last real guitar hero in a line that had already included Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, etc. He was not only admired by the fans but also by the living guitar gods that came before him. Everybody was aware of his greatness in that moment as he single (or double) handedly defined a sound that was as the saying goes...imitated but never duplicated. Having VH as part of the rock and roll landscape at that time was such a big effing deal for people my age who had just missed the prime years of Led Zeppelin, The Who and others. With Van Halen you were witnessing the legend in the making and it was pretty goddam exciting. Fortunately I was able to see VH live during their peak years in 1981 and 1984. Those shows were everything great arena rock shows should be and then some. And oh yeah...they were LOUD AZ FUCK! To this day probably the loudest shows I've ever seen. After Dave left in 1984-85 I stepped off.
At that point I lost touch with their output and stuck with the classic years. To come full circle I saw the band on their 2007 reunion tour at MSG which I'm glad I did, it was like seeing some old friends again. I still have ALL of my VH vinyl that I bought back in the day including the copy of VHII I bought in 1979.

So long, Ed. You WILL be missed.

John P Garcoa

I'm John P.Garcia.My first guitar was a Sear's Silvertone when I was 10 in 1964 due to Ed Sullivan and the Beatles.I first saw and met Eddie Van Halen at a biker dive bar in Pomona California called Walter Mittys emporium.They blew my mind.even blowing pots up on the stage.They were playing covers as good as the originals.The Rover.Man on the silver mountain.can't get enough of your love.30 days in the hole.Anyway.I had to introduce myself.I told Eddie in are everything I'm trying to become.And he almost acted embarrassed and said "oh thanks man"then i said but you need to get rid of the drummer.which cracked him up.Eddie then shoutsto his brother." Hey Al this guy says we should get rid of you".i just thought he was off a little on the double floor bass.( not anymore though) we became good friends.thats just one of many

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