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October 13, 2020


Chung Wong

Happy Birthday! The biggest surprises of this read are: 1) you pitched softball for 12 years and 2) Purple is your favorite color. NO clues of this anywhere in your blog (or maybe dark was actually purple).


Happy Birthday, you baby. (I might have said that to you last year. If so, sorry, but I'm ten years your senior and anyone under the age of 60 gets no sympathy from me re birthdays.) Actually I'm glad you had a relatively safe year, up to this point. I hope the rest of the year brings better news and other things to write about than Tangerine McCovidface and safe distancing.


At least you're not contageous, or stooopid.
Also think about this: you may have another HALF CENTURY to live!
You got plenty of time to get 'er done.
And imho, maybe it's about time to stop filling out these list thingies. Why torture yourself on an annual already give yourself a hard time on a daily basis....give it a rest on your birthday, will 'ya ;>)

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