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September 07, 2020


Millenial Vanillial

It's mostly millenials the shittiest most worthless generation of Americans ever. They think the world revolves around them and show it every day with their behavior including being maskless or chinstrapped (same thing.)

They LOVE to call people "boomer" like it's an insult cuz they're ageist prigs. My mother is a boomer - say some shit about her, Caleb, so I can fuck you up.

Ironically the one millenial countless people demonize AOC isn't like that at all. I think it's a NYC thing i.e. most of the shitty millenials move here. AOC left here and came back with new, different eyes then actually did something about it.

Millenial Vanillial

See what did I tell you?

These scumbag millenials from Illinois State University had a big party in a small town near the school - no masks or social distancing.

They are the new Me Generation.

Future yuppies, only broke and stupid.

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