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September 14, 2020



I agree 100 percent. To me this shows the lack of context and understanding of the era and the meme must've been made by someone way younger. Bender would have been some mainstream metal/Zepp/60s rock type of guy with Sabbath the only possible band that could fit.

Also, as you sharply observed- "to assume a suburban Chicago high schooler would have even been aware of..." This again shows the misunderstanding of the time, as only someone younger would think these bands were easily accessible. Someone who'd make this error would probably be someone who'd grown up with....the internet, where everything is available- with no context.

Bender into Violent Femmes, tubeway army, and Joy Division- seriously? He and his pals would've kicked the crap out of the people that listened to those bands when they jumped out of their Camaros or Bronco trucks blasting "The Firm" or some godawful 70s rock staple on a Friday night, Marlboros lit, Budweiser/Hi Life bottles falling out of the doors.

Fifty bucks!

LOL @ Bender's gulp after Vernon punked him out in the closet.

SMH @ Allison being turned into a bobby socker for Andrew.

The real question is WHAT DID CARL THE JANITOR LISTEN TO? I'm guessing punk from him listening to his Walkman (tm.)

Carl is such an unsung hero. He caught Vernon snooping through other teachers' personal files, blackmailed Vernon for most if not all of Vernon's pay for the day (hahaha), and my guess off-screen ordered Vernon to drop the extra Saturdays for Bender even after Bender talked shit about him (his job.)

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