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September 20, 2020



If Mark Kelly unseats twice-selected Trump stuckup Martha McSally & is seated in the U.S. Senate on or before November 30th & Romney joins Murkowski & Collins in voting no to a Supreme Court justice, no SCH for McConnell. This scenario is possible but I'm not holding my breath.

If McConnell jams a new SCJ, Biden beats Trump, and Democrats take the Senate Biden should add four (4) liberal judges to the SC to negate the three illegitimate ones (Gorsuch, Kavanagh, anti-abortion woman TBD) & eliminate lifetime judgeship including the SC. One 18-year term is more than enough time to serve. 18 Years for House & Senate members, too. What're you doing serving more than 9 House terms or 3 Senate terms & 4.5 president/governor terms worth of years? Get a new job or retire.

Also Biden should give DC & Puerto Rico statehood for four new/more Democratic U.S. Senators & try to split California in two for another two Dem Sens & six new Dem Sens total.

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