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August 31, 2020


Real Talk

Problem is blacks, Latins, and millenials don't vote enough for all their Twittering. If they don't vote enough he wins and I never EVER wanna hear from whoever should've voted again. If he wins he's validated, that's it, and I don't wanna hear any crying if he has a post-victory rally where he blurts out "I don't like black people" and gets the crowd to chant "N****** AND S****!" Cuz nothing would or could be done about it. No impeachment. Spare me calls for resignation, condemnation, or censure Trump would wipe his hemmorhoid-ridden ass with. Republicans would continue to be silent even if they lost the Senate.

Real Talk 2

Another thing:

If Trump wins, and there's just enough dipshits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to hand him victory, Barack Obama will be erased by Trump like Bill Clinton was erased by GWB. It'll be 2001-09 again but far worse. And the fault will lie at blacks, Latins, and millenials plus Trump supporters who vote third party and not at all.

Remember this is the same country that voted Nixon, Reagan, and GWB twice plus a dozen years of Bushes after Reagan BEFORE Trump. The same country who reelected GWB after he blithely said he "doesn't spend much time on" capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden the mastermind of 9/11.

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