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August 13, 2020


After watching After Hours

Off topic but about After Hours.

Why didn't Paul just walk home?

SoHo to East 91st Street was/still is a bit of a hike but it's something a mid-late twentysomething like him could do.

Also the bartender didn't have a dollar on him to give to Paul who could've mailed the dollar back? Paul already had the previous trainfare before it increased.

It would've made more sense if Paul was a Midwesterner with no clue about Manhattan geography staying in an Upper East Side hotel or with a New York friend who had to be away for the night.

Alex in NYC

Valid questions, yes, but remember -- upon first meeting Gail (who injures his arm with the cab door), he says he's going to walk home ... until she offers a ride in the Mr. Softee Truck.

I think Paul the bartender was otherwise distracted by the malfunctioning cash register, but yes ... that could have happened.

After watching After Hours 2

Noted :)

If you were single which of the five women characters would you have gone for? Arquette, Fiorentino, Garr, O'Hara, or Bloom? I pick Bloom. The oldest but most mature and smartest.

Arquette was unstable (to say the least), Fiorentino hot (great in bed no doubt) but too kinky and polyamorous, Garr perky and cute but clingy and insecure, O'Hara mercurial and disloyal (look how fast she turned in Paul.)

Bloom was the only one who had Paul's back after Julie ODed. She saved him from the angry mob. Gotta go with her.

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