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August 04, 2020


No Faith In The American People

He's winning again until I see different. He is so awful how can he lose?

Black, Latin, and millenial people don't vote enough. Too many crazy Bernie Sanders (divisive scumbag) supporters who won't vote.

This country is too stupid, lazy, and apathetic to vote him out and there are just enough morons in PA, MI, and WI to reelect him.

This is the same country which reelected GWB after he started two bullshit wars based on lies and profit still going on after letting 9/11 happen and saying he "doesn't spend much time on" capturing the mastermind behind 9/11 who Bush's successor killed.

If Trump wins that's what this country wants and he's validated, that's it, this country is over, done, finished, and I'm outta here 2021-25 no joke.

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