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June 11, 2020



Oh *please* do the post about After Hours. I could read a post a day about that movie.

Will Gibb

12th June 2020
I just got an email update from Mark Andrews about Paint my name in black and gold...apparently just going through some fact checking and fine tuning...sitting about 100,000 words at the mo

He says thanks for the patience....just thought I'd mention it as your wording above talks about the delays....hopefully more news soon


Cliche to say but it is in the end YOUR blog. Write about whatever YOU want, f uck whoever has a problem with it and whoever has a prob must support Trump what else? Why would I someone who detests him and his enablers, lackeys, donors etc. have a problem with you speaking out against hom, police brutality he supports, his corruption, lies etc?

Too bad if some people don't like what you write. Hey the hell with people who don't like that you generally don't post what might be considered political things, too.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're the last old New York person (not "old person") regularly blogging just as one no reporting or promoting anything, It's just you and what you write whatever it is. Too bad if someone doesn't like it. They could just not read it and keep being a status quo/Trump bootlicker.

then it wouldn't be a movie

Ok re: After Hours. Couldn't Paul just WALK home? Yeah a long walk (SoHo to I believe the low East 90s) but nothing a guy in his mid-late 20s in reasonable health couldn't do. J/K of course but I'd walk.


I've always seen you as the Sam Rothstein of the New York Blog Mafia. You can say anything you want as long as you keep a low profile. Sittin' out on Long Island avoiding the pandemic....yeah....sure.


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