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June 14, 2020


Hip To Be Square (Still No Table At Dorsia)

As a child of the 70s and early 80s and teenager of the mid-late 80s nerd and geek were labels of derision and ostracization. I have a theory that whoever thinks those words are cool either was never marked as either or both or was and wants to romanticize them because they hurt. Or the person is someone who was a teen in I'll say the early mid 90s when I think the slurs were obsolete by and replaced by other derisive words.

As for the word "normie" as long as you remember normal is a relative word, whatever.

I always considered those words the province of suburbia where classism has always been and always will be promoted in children so they grow up to be the future classists (socially, economically etc.) Those words also were anti-intellectual/science in nature. The nerd was always good with math and sciences while the geek was always good with computers, kids who weren't good at any of that resented this and put down those who were. Adult versions of these kids exist today in government, business etc.

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