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May 01, 2020


Noise Annoys

Watching this from the other side of the pond, where things are not going swimmingly but are more or less under control, I have to say that it's absolutely unbelievable that people are protesting the stay at home order. In groups. Without masks. I understand why Trump wants people back out at work - he has always seen people as expendable in the search for more profit. But to do it to yourself? Insanity. Stay healthy!

Trump has it

Trump has COVID 19. No way this idiot who flaunts social distancing violations at every turn doesn't have it. He's either asymptomatic or hiding it by having his sham pressers around the same time Monday through Friday when he feels best (also the same time he can intentionally preempt local news to keep people especially his cult uninformed about what's going on in their backyards.)

He never says he takes his temperature the minimum three times daily a POTUS should take it. I take my temp between 12 and 1pm daily and I'm a nobody, and it literally takes less that ten seconds. He has yet to show us results of his test or even who administered it, if he has been tested at all. Oh he doesn't have it because he knows that, right?

I want to see a monthly medical report for him starting now.

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