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May 13, 2020


CBGB 4 Life

Dude he co-opted a place, time, and scene he was never a part of. He didn't play, set up, or hit a single show at CBGB.

No, he didn't close CBGB but he sure liked renting the space and rubbing salt in the wounds when he could've easily opened a new live music venue there and/or opened a store elsewhere.

He opened it at 315 Bowery cuz that's where CBGB used to be, so don't get it twisted.

The world's smallest violin is playing for this guy. Fuck him and Muzzy Rosenblatt not Hilly Kristal (RIP.)

Alex in NYC

I'm not "getting it twisted," I'm merely putting things in perspective. Believe me, I remain fundamentally at odds with John Varvatos' bungled appropriation of all that CBGB stood for. This all said, I don't think he should be put to death for it, and I'm sympathetic to anyone whose livelihood has been damaged by the pandemic.

Also, don't be so quick to absolve poor, late Hilly. He and Muzzy might have solved their issues had they both not been so obstinate about it.

Regardless, I'm happy they never opened a CBGB in Las Vegas as was originally on the books -- that, to my mind, would have been just as bad as what Varvatos turned the place into.

CBGB 4 Life

First off no Hilly Kristal, no CBGB, so show some respect to the dead, and just why should I not "absolve" Hilly since you seem to have the inside track on what went down? Oh wait you don't.

Second you are getting it twisted. Muzzy Rosenblatt kicked out CBGB and I don't give a damn what was between him and Hilly. Rent dispute and/or personal grudge I'll side with the man who gave us a place to see, play, and set up a show. I fully expected someone to rent that space. Some business with zero connection to CBGB or music period, ok, that's New York, I don't expect the place to care about CBGB, but this guy moved in and used the cache of the address/location to sell his overpriced wares for the rich. He poured salt into wounds ok? My heart weeps for a multimillionaire who could pay every employee of his store at least half a year's pay and not suffer for it, it truly does.

Last I am all for CBGB reopening anywhere as long as they support hardcore punk metal and underground music in general. If it became a franchise so be it. The more live music venues the better. You've been putting money into the pockets of Ron Delsener then Live Nation, AEG Live, and Bowery Presents for literally decades so get off your high horse about CBGB Las Vegas. I'll take that over Punk Rock Bowling.

Alex in NYC

CBGB in Las Vegas would have BEEN THE SAME as Punk Rock Bowling (which, we can both agree is an atrocity).

Look, man, I agree with all of your points. Scroll back to what I've written about CBGB/Varvatos over the years and you'll see the same refrain. I'm just taking the high road when it comes to a guy whose biz is bust and has a long history of philanthropy

And OF COURSE respect to Hilly Kristal, but one wished he'd have worked something out with Muzzy to avoid the closure. That's all I'm saying.

CBGB 4 Life

Points taken, Alex. Cool he gives to charity but he still used CBGB right down to renting out its location after an unwanted shutdown of the club and for that I'll never forgive him, cut him a break, or feel bad for him.

My sympathies lie only with his employees who are probably too young and/or out of the loop to know what went down (a 24 year old store manager being only ten years old in 2006 the year Muzzy kicked out CBGB - you get the picture.)

I will give Hilly the benefit of the doubt and say he tried to work something out because I doubt he wanted to end CBGB.
Maybe he wanted to retire at some point but not take the club with him.

Muzzy was/is a spiteful, greedy scumbag who has literally taken thousands of shows from us since October 2006.

As for CBGB Las Vegas at least it'd be a year round permanent fixture and Agnostic Front's likely go to place in LV if the venue was on the up and up with them. Vegas isn't all casino glitz and decadence (you know this.)

I'm probably naive but I think a CBGB franchise could be great if started and run by the right people. Start with New York, Boston, and Washington DC then Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. After that Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit then Denver, Houston, and Phoenix for a dozen US venues. Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary then Berlin, Paris, and London.
Hire only the best people from their respective scenes.

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