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April 22, 2020



"In certain states across the nation, pockets of science-doubting, Trump-loving folks are actively protesting to “re-open” their respective states,"

The most notable being, I think, Georgia home to the highest volume airport in America. It looks like the airport is open anyway, but at far reduced capacity. If their governor pushes hard (and succeeds) to get them closer to 100% capacity that's going to be a worldwide vector for wave 2 (or 3 or 4...)

ugh. on so many levels... ugh.


Oh. I also noticed in the pic you posted. The person holding the protest sign has a bandana around her neck. I doubt it is for fashion and seems to be in direct contradiction to her protest sign.



Covid-19 Denier Slogan:
Give Me Liberty
Give Me Death

(and it might be a reverse form of voter gerrymandering that works for us ;>)


A couple of friends and I have taken to watching movies and TV shows together via Zoom, partly because we're bored shitless and partly because listening to each other's snark keeps us sane. One day, while waiting for another person to join us, we happened to catch news coverage of the anti-lockdown protests in Denver. I was so angry I had to restrain myself from punching the TV, especially after seeing already overworked, endangered nurses blocking the motorcade of idiots in counter-protest. My more cynical friend however opined, "Ah yes, Darwinism in action." Which made me laugh harder than it should have. Of course, if any of these assholes get sick after this, they'll just suck up scarce resources and staff time, unless any of them have the guts to refuse medical intervention, because freedumb. Or something like that.

Also, has anyone else noted the huge irony of these guys crying about not being able to buy lawn fertilizer and get their hair done when just a couple of years ago, they were telling "the snowflakes" that Nature doesn't care about their feelings and they needed to grow up? Or Hoboken Brittany up there using feminist arguments for birth control to defend her right to die by coronavirus? Or maybe we're just waking up to the fact we've all been cast in a new production of "1984." Hopefully we're not yet at the part where the Ministry of Love breaks down our doors to take us away.

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