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April 09, 2020


11...11 Adive

For the life of me I cannot think of a bonafide dive bar on or below 14th Street. The closest places to dive bar I can think of are The Patriot, Nassau Bar, Lili O'Brien's, and Nancy Whiskey Pub all below Canal Street but they're more diveY - the letter Y added cuz they could be dives if they weren't full of mostly Millenials with a rare Gen Xer or rarer Boomer here and there.

Mona's and Sophie's are closer to dives than those places but not quite.

My theory is dives were a product of pre-1990 NYC but what pre-1990 dive barfly still goes to bars in 2020? 1990's 32 year old mailman is now 62. You're an old Gen Xer with a family and career. Even 1998's 32 year old mailman is 54 now.

Time has washed away these places/this slice of New York.

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