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March 20, 2020



Hi Alex - I'm following your blog now for a couple of years (great reading) and although I'm not a NYer, not even an American, I visited NYC quite a bit in the late eighties until the mid-nineties... and got to know some places (music related that is - Piers Platters, SeeHear,Venus Records etc...) you've mentionned in your blog. Keep healthy and looking forward to read your new entries.
1. Sven
2. Leuven, Belgium
3. Home working, coping but...
4. V/A comp on Blast First - Nothing sort of a total war
John Fahey's Your past comes to haunt you
and last but not least WFMU.


1. Ivan
2. Los Angeles (native NYCer)
3. Still get to go out and exercise
4. So many people have been sharing Spotify Playlists!


!. Hisaye (My Japanese name. I've already said too much.)
2. Bay Area, California. But lived in New York 30+ years and still have family there.
3. I read a lot and enjoy cooking, but have also
resumed playing video games, specifically
Skyrim and a Japanese mobile game that involves
samurai and dating. Again I've said too much.
4. As much quiet, calming music as I can stomach. As a former headbanger, it's weird, but with all the stress and stupidity outside, I just want sounds that remind me to breathe slowly and not pay too much attention to the old guy living above me who loudly coughs and clears his throat every five minutes. (I'm learning what thin walls and ceilings my overpriced apartment building has.)


1. Sebastian.
2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
3. Luckily I am employed in a line of business that can be conducted online as well, meaning my job and income are secured. Regarding the virus, seeing how the supermarkets are plundered and how people threat each other in said process, I'm more afraid of my fellow men than I am of the virus itself.
4. A couple of years ago, on January 1st, I started a project of listening to every disc in my collection, in chronological order of purchase. A good way to rediscover music and to get rid of a fair amount too, as I had 3000 of the damn things. The collection is down to 2400 now, and I'm in the year 2008 (when I lived in NYC). Portisheads' Third, Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band With Choirs' 13 Blues for 13 Moons, Autechres' Quaristice and the then just discovered by me, Irish Celtic Black Metal band Primordial, whose majestic & medieval songs of betrayal, despair and cleansing based on the viruses of the mind (ethnic/religious/etc.) suit these semi-apocalyptic times to a tee.


1. Preferring as much anonymity online as possible for privacy's sake (and not for trolling), I'm still fwcircusfrog from back in the day when that yahoo group was a thing.

2. I am in a place that y'all have vacationed many times around Christmas. (The y'all should be a dead giveaway.)

3. My job has me eyes deep in this mess, so I just wake up every morning and keep on keeping on. That's not really helpful to those who are absent a paycheck, self-isolating, stressed for any number of reasons. I get it. While I can't solve *shakes hands furiously at the sky* all the things, I can at least keep computers running in a hospital so others can help with all the things.

(i am pretty tired, tho.)

4. Sadly, I have not been listening to much music lately. (C$C Peel Sessions that you highlighted was my last listen.)

I am spending a ton of time listening to my wife. (I have grown to appreciate her snoring. It means she is alive.) Listening to the kiddo. Listening to our hens and our dog. Listening to as much "nature" stuff like that as I have time for.

How about you? I'm going to go out on a limb and say 1. is Alex and 2 is inNYC. What about 3 and 4?


1- tcr!
2- St Charles, IL, a Chicago suburb
3- Cards, board games, movies, bike rides, and podcasts. Even with all of those I’m still missing the former normal life of just being out and about.
4- For whatever reason I’ve been listening to Jerry Goldsmith and all the movie soundtracks he was involved in. Hard not to love listening to the Gremlins theme on infinite loop just to drive everybody else in house bonkers 😜

I don’t know how I found your blog a few months back but I’ve been enjoying it!

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