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February 22, 2020



The reason Agnostic Front called their second album Cause For Alarm was half the band at the time was from CFA.

Alex in NYC

Cheers, Al .... I did not know that. Now it all makes a bit more sense!

r malce

I would suggest the Fugs, a bridge between the Beats, hippies, yippies and (slightly) the punks. They involved Lenny Bruce, Allen Ginsberg, Richard Pryor, the Manson Family, Burroughs, Abbie Hoffman, et al... Levitating the Pentagon! Off off B'way theater! FBI files! All very NYC, and firmly encamped in the LES.
Also, your posts this year (grim as the last one, unfortunately) have been great, very enjoyable, informative and festive.
- RM

Ay Ef

"This song is the title track for our album Victim In's called Victim In Pain!" always cracks me up.


Victim In Pain is one of the great hardcore albums!

I think we lose the bandshell under DiBlasio's upcoming ecocide of East River Park - the park was just repaired after Sandy, but now everything gets bulldozed. Only pseudo-leftists like DiBlasio could get away with the destruction of 1000 tress, millions of animals, AN ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM.

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